EmaBee Inspiration: Metal Roses

metal artist at the Maryland Renaissance Festival – a bunch of metal roses-
Such beautiful colors and textures.

(c) 2012 emily a willard


2 responses to “EmaBee Inspiration: Metal Roses

  1. I saw your metal roses at the faire and fell in love with them. Is there a way I can order them sent to my home?.

    • Hi Barbara, they are not actually my metal roses, I just loved them and posted a picture here for inspiration. Sorry! I am not sure exactly which artist it is. You can check the list here. https://www.rennfest.com/general-information/artisans. If the shop is in the same place that I recall, it is near the elephant rides and jousting field. You could look at a map to get the name, and look at this list for contact info. Good luck!

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