The Guatemala Initiative

I have a profound love for the land and people of Guatemala. It has been the focus of my studies in higher education, and part of my current day-job and volunteer work.

You may ask, what is the connection between Annapolis, Maryland and Guatemala? Why Guatemala? The answer is a personal one…[read more HERE.]

In order to pursue my life mission of using my talents to make lasting change in this world, I have developed The Guatemala Initiative. It is a collection of artwork – photographs, hand-made note cards, multimedia pieces – related to Guatemala.

50% of proceeds of items from the “Guatemala Initiative” collection will go to support human rights defenders in Guatemala through donations to the Guatemala Human Rights Commission-USA. Human rights defenders that risk their lives fighting for indigenous land rights, women’s rights, and political and economic rights.

Sample of Guatemala Collection Items are available for sale at

You can also support the Guatemala Initiative by purchasing items through this website here.

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11 responses to “The Guatemala Initiative

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  8. My sister was just in Guatemala, and she too, found the juxtaposition of beautiful scenery and social injustice to be rather haunting. That’s so great that you’ve found a way to use your talents to support such an important mission. You’re a true inspiration!

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