EmaBee Inspiration: Trees on a Nature Bike

I am forever finding inspiration for my art in nature. I am always struck by mother earth’s dazzling beauty. This past weekend I went on a nature bike (like a nature walk) with my fiancee in Cedarville State Forest in southern Maryland. I was mesmerized by the beauty of the forest and found myself taking lots of pictures of the woods and trees.

As you have noticed on my previous blog posts and EmaBee Inspirations, I am quite fond of nature, and trees in particular. I find that trees capture the beauty in the change of the seasons. The trees are representations of the cycle of life and mother nature. Trees provide a representation of the wonderful colors and textures in nature. The changing fall leaves, new spring buds, lush green in the summer, and snowy white in the winter when frost and snow cling crusted to the bare branches.

The textures of bark from different species of trees such as beech, maple, locust, and others.The wood can have knots that tell the tree’s own unique story.

beaver was chomping on this one!

Their insides of wood tell the passage of time and history with their rings. Scientists can see which years had more rainfall or dry weather than others by the characteristics of the rings.

Trees are home to many different organisms: lichens and moss, and animals such as owls, songbirds, squirrels and bats.

hollow tree – great home of a little animal

When trees are photographed against a sunny sky, they can create quite incredible contrasts.


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