Little Red Suitcase

I LOVE my little red suitcase…

little red

little red suitcase, Timi, and the indoor garden


My grandpa, Papa, (mom’s dad – different than “Grandpa Down by the Boats” – Papa was a spy) lives in a retirement community in North Carolina. I got this little red suitcase for just $2 at the consignment shop in his building. A bunch of wire storage cages line the walls of a basement storage room, and you can find all sorts of stuff piled down there for sale. Lamps for $3, old Christmas decorations, cassette tape players for 75 cents…etc.

Then, as I was preparing for my first craft fair this past summer, I was thinking about how I was going to pack up all of my stuff to cart to the fair. And I remembered this lovely piece of empty luggage under the bed. As I was packing it and thinking about my display, I had an idea…how great would it be to sell my little seedlings out of the suitcase!! I thought it would be be an eye-catching unique piece that would make people notice, and wonder.

seedlings in the suitcase

seedlings in the suitcase

I made up a sign to go on the inside lid, announcing the name of my shop. Then, as the holiday season came around (no more seedlings), I wanted to still use the suitcase because it features the name of my shop, and I was still hoping for the eye-catching quality. I decided to fill the suitcase with individually packaged cards so that people could have a “grab bag” feel of digging around for great finds.

digging for a great find!

digging for a great find!

This little red suitcase I got for $2 is now a staple piece of EmaBee’s Art!

See here for more of EmaBee’s creations on display.


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