[an unapologetically serious post]

Kurt Vonnegut is one of my favorite authors, and his famous catchphrase ‘so it goes’ from Slaughterhouse-Five keeps ringing in my ears today. The phrase has been misconstrued to mean apathy or acquiescence to moral and political evils, but it would be more accurate to say the phrase represents randomness and death – even feelings of fatalism and absurdity. However, regardless of which interpretation(s) of the phrase you choose, the definition will ring true today.

There are elements of the absurd, the fatalistic, and the immoral in all of the events that led up to this morning’s massacre. But, Jay Carney, in nothing can I find the need for silence.

While the grief of a tragedy as singular as what happened today is painfully and rightfully acute, the conditions that create massacres like the ones in Connecticut, in Aurora, in Tucson, and so forth, are chronic and pernicious. It…

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