Last Minute Easy DIY Gift Idea

Are you struggling to find a gift for that someone who has everything already? Someone who says they don’t want or need anything? Someone who already has too much “stuff”? Are you short on cash?

a coupon for taking a friend out for lunch, with a guest of her choice...

a coupon for taking a friend out for lunch, with a guest of her choice…

Make your own gift card for an outing, service, or special adventure! Here are some ideas:

  • a special lunch or dinner- homemade or going out
  • a nature hike
  • bike ride through your hometown to somewhere special
  • car cleaning
  • week of doing the dishes
  • a commissioned art project
  • a night of babysitting
  • mowing the lawn
  • breakfast in bed
  • doing laundry
  • a surprise adventure outing – (don’t tell them where you are going and make it a surprise – like to watch the sunset, revisiting a romantic place, a local museum or park, or a scenic drive)

You can even make a coupon book of several things that people can enjoy for months to come!

If you get someone tickets to something, spruce them up by creating a homemade certificate to tell about the event. People will really enjoy the personal touch.

sprucing up tickets to an event

sprucing up tickets to an event

Design Suggestions:

  • keep it simple
  • go with a color theme to bring everything together
  • use glitter, sequence, ribbon, beads, applique, stickers, etc to add texture
  • use colored and patterned paper
  • print out clip art if you don’t like to draw
  • leave spaces where you can fill it in with another pen/pencils to make it look official
  • use multimedia – paint, crayon, pen, pencil
  • use scissors that cut in a patter, or tear paper, or whole punches to make a creative edge to the paper that goes with your theme (i.e. tearing for outdoor/rugged theme)
  • use photographs of a location or event, or of the person


Do you have any other ideas of adventures, services, or outings to suggest?


One response to “Last Minute Easy DIY Gift Idea

  1. Reblogged this on EmaBee's Art and commented:

    Are you freaking out because you don’t have a Valentine’s Day gift for someone yet? Check out this easy DIY gift idea (recycled from Christmas, but just as good!)

    Valentine’s Day specific ideas:
    – an at-home massage
    – home-cooked dinner by candle light – complete with after-dinner slow dance
    – coupon for week of homemade lunches
    – week of doing dishes (shows you really love them!)
    – breakfast in bed
    – week full of surprises each day (i.e. flowers one day, make nice breakfast for before work, foot massage…)
    GET CREATIVE and channel some love!

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