Other New Projects

Here are some other projects I have been working on:

New fish – making fish with my friend who is interested in learning EmaBee’s design secrets 😉

new wild fish

new wild fish

Here is the start of something with the canvas. I am not entirely sure how it will work out, but I am keeping in mind a lesson I learned from my college ceramics professor: you must challenge yourself and attempt what you think is impossible. Some of my best pieces came out from me challenging myself with what I thought was the impossible.

clay foam squiggles

clay foam squiggles

and here is more canvas planning with Mayan glyphs:

thinking and planning

thinking and planning

I need to go to the printing shop tomorrow to get started on my watercolor projects 🙂 I am so happy to have found an awesome locally owned printing shop – way better customer service and products than crappy FedEx Kinkos – High Starr Copy and Print Services is the WAY TO GO!

Stay tuned for more of EmaBee’s notes from the creation station! p.s. I am finally gifting the newest fish tomorrow so I will be able to post pics!


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