Make your Own Universe

There is nothing like kneading a big ball of cold, moist earth in the form of clay. It is dry and wet at the same time. You can squish it between your fingers and make it form to your will.

There are many different techniques: working with it wet; creating slip (watery clay) and using cross hatch to attach different pieces like glue; and working with it in different stages of drying so that you can carve it.

Then choosing the glazes and colors – including different kinds of oxides which give the finished piece a natural and rustic look. Sometimes, even like wood.

When you work with clay, you can make your own universe.
My ceramics professor in college, a wonderful woman, said that if you can think of it, you can do it. She pushed her students to not be intimidated by our ideas and to push ourselves to create even when we think it would be too hard. I will always remember this, and keep it close to my heart; applicable to all parts of life, not just creating with clay. Do the Impossible!

Here are some of my clay creations:


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