Pieces of Nature Experiment

Last weekend was busy. My partner and I joined creative forces to experiment with making a mobile. It feels really good to do some 3-D creating. I learned a lot doing this and look forward to perfecting my method and getting better at this.

An exciting discovery: I remember how to make a dream catcher!

dream catcher mobile experiment

dream catcher mobile experiment

My partner and I made a dream catcher for his sister for her birthday. He cut a branch from the holly tree in his dad’s yard. We collected rocks, shells, and sea glass at Calvert Cliffs, Maryland, and I had some rocks from a previous trip to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware where his family has vacationed for decades.

We soaked the holly branch in the bathtub for several days, after figuring out how to plug the drain adequately (yep, with a shot glass). We then slowly bent and formed it into a circle, first securing with masking tape, then replacing tape with twine.

I then used the dream catcher “stitch” to make the main body part of the mobile, then we hung the shells, rocks, and glass at different heights. It was interesting to come to the realization that the real difficult part of craft with this project is proportions (how different sized items go together, and distance and height). To me, it comes easily, but trying to explain it to my partner, I realized what an important part of the art it is. It was really an interesting experience to create a joint art project with someone else.

It was kind of rushed but I learned a lot of how to do it better next time, and I’m excited to try more of these! I ended up not getting really any good pictures of it before we gifted it.


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