Organization of the ‘Creation Station’

Wow, what a strange sight!!! Right?!


Living in a one-bedroom apartment, and sharing space with another human and two large cats means that #1 the organizational state of the creation station affects others who have to look at it, and #2 I have to get creative with a very limited space for storage and work.

Unfortunately the desk is really a table and only has two small drawers. Technically it is also our “office” area – but my partner has long since given up on ever sitting there and trying to work himself since I have pretty much taken it over. The cats love all of the things to knock to the floor and watch it break, spill, or otherwise make a mess.

Most important rule I have for myself, never leave a cup of paint water on the desk for extended periods of unsupervised time because the cats could knock it over and soak the computer.

So I am trying REALLY hard to be more organized for the sake of the other creatures I live with.



I found this great little set of containers at the dollar store. I think I’ll go back for more!

I was telling my dad about how I went out and got organizational stuff, and my dad joked that I had to get more stuff to manage all the stuff I already have. He jokes because he is the same way. Wonder where I get it from 🙂


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