We express ourselves…

We express ourselves through loving nature, loving life, loving humans, loving the past, loving the present, loving the future… I, like other comrades who suffer judicial persecution, try to defend humanity. In it’s entirety, not just the indigenous or garifuna but all human beings. This is our ultimate goal. -Ramiro Choc

Ramiro Choc is a q’eqchi’ peasant leader from eastern Guatemala.  His dynamic organizing skills and commitment to social and environmental justice lead to his leadership in numerous successful grassroots struggles.  He has survived several assassination attempts and is currently held in prison in Guatemala City.  He has been held by the government since soldiers illegally arrested him on February 14, 2008.

– learn more and sign the petition here.

Also, remember you can support Human Rights Defenders in Guatemala by purchasing EmaBee’s Art through the Guatemala Initiative.


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