‘Creation Station’ Day-dreams

I often find myself wondering what other people’s studios, workshops, desks, and work-places look like. Are they as messy as mine? Do they have neat and creative ways of organizing? Do they have inspirational words and pictures around on the walls? Are they inside their homes? Are they in out buildings, garages, or sheds in the yard? Are they in a professional studio building or in some loft downtown?


EmaBee’s “creation station”

I also find myself dreaming of what my perfect workspace would be like. The size, color of the walls, organizational features…

For me, it wouldn’t have to be big – just lots of storage, and good lighting with all the colors and tools and materials right at my fingertips. There would be scraps of ideas tacked to the walls. I also dream of different tools, like a drill with a glass bit.

I like sharing pictures of my work space because all my friends and family joke about what a disaster the “creation station” is and we all find it amusing.

What is your favorite part of your “creation station”?
What would would be important features in your dream workspace?


p.s. as I started to look for photos of other people’s studios, I realized that the subject for this post has already been thoroughly researched and written about by many people – so I will just supply some related reading instead of inventing the wheel all over again…


3 responses to “‘Creation Station’ Day-dreams

  1. The ideal working conditions also might include a loving and supportive partner who is encouraging of everything that you do. Maybe I’d do well to try and be that guy 4 u! Love you bastante, baby 😉

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