What’s Going on at the Creation Station…

Here’s a few snapshots of what’s going on at the creation station….


I was going through some old poetry and found written down version of a story my dad used to tell me about the legend of the Eye of Shakarah – a.k.a. the black-eyed-susan. I was inspired to paint this…

eye of shakarah

eye of shakarah


treasures I found on this trip

supplies for "bay in a bottle," wind chimes, and mobiles... :D

supplies for “bay in a bottle,” wind chimes, and mobiles… 😀


step by step – idea I was talking about in this post

bottle for "bay in a bottle"

bottle for “bay in a bottle”


Was inspired by some tree-centered art I saw at a gallery in Boston. Decided to try a tree-centered multi-media piece. This is going along pretty slow, just adding more and more as I see fit…

multi-media tree and sailboat

multi-media tree and sailboat


Here is more experimentation with visual textures, and eventually I will add water color…

on the edge

on the edge


a little rough, but working on a set of vibrant flower paintings for my mom to put in one of the bedrooms at the farm house…



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