Why the ‘Creation Station’ has been so QUIET Recently….

I have one word for you. Moving. It itself, and the thought of it has been consuming me for the past several weeks. It is official, my partner and I are moving into my parents’ basement – haven’t you heard? It’s all the rage these days – moving back in with the rents. All the kids are doing it….

With moving – my weekends are filled with projects to make the basement hospitable, build a patio, and till the garden – my partner repaired the tiller, generator, and scooter. We have been painting, staining, grouting, cleaning, and sawing. Obviously no time for creating at the Creation Station…and considering is it partially dismantled.

naked creation station

naked creation station


4 responses to “Why the ‘Creation Station’ has been so QUIET Recently….

  1. This is my first visit to your blog, the first post that I’ve read and it has just the right amount of honesty, I love it! Although the move and adjustment has put a pause on your “Creation Station” it hasn’t stopped your creative process. Creating HOME, or what feels like it could be very involved and even taxing, but worth it and perhaps THAT IS your new creation station, your HOME, not just the desk, or a designated space itself. I hope you’ll continue to document your process and home improvements…that would be cool to see. Keep going!

    • Thanks for your kind words and encouragement Ebony, I will surely document more of the projects around the home, and hopefully putting the Creation Station back together this weekend 🙂

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