Sew Much Fun in the “Basement Bodega”

Ok, I know that is a pretty bad pun…just had to do it.

I haven’t talked much about EmaBee sewing adventures on this blog, because I haven’t done much recently. I did, however, break out the sewing machine recently to make a few things for the new place – which my partner has affectionately named “The Basement Bodega.” (If you’re lost – read this past post about the move.)

I made curtains for these built in bookshelves that we are using to store pantry goods in the living room area (it’s all about creative use of space!). I chose a dark blue leaf pattern to go with the coral and yellow walls.

And, I made new pillow cases to match these throw pillows for the bed. Our comforter is a light grey, and the walls a sage green and ivory – so these certainly add some vibrancy.

vibrant pillow cases and the curtain

vibrant pillow cases and the curtain

And I also have to say that sewing runs in the blood. My grandmother (father’s mother) is an avid seamstress, making sure my cousins, my brother, and I always had the BEST Halloween costumes – ranging from a lion, an Egyptian princess, a Native American, a geisha, and a medieval princess…among countless others.

Also, my mom has contracted the sewing fever bug recently as well; she made new pillows and cushions for the outdoor furniture…

Mom's pillows - here secret? Just take a part the old pillows and cushions and re-use the stuffing!

Mom’s pillows – her secret? Just take apart the old pillows and cushions and re-use the stuffing… AND wait for the 50% off coupons – never pay full price for fabric!

I still need to make a curtain for our closet door – going to be that same orange with white polka-dot fabric in the pillows above. Stay tuned for more projects!


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