Orchard Beach in May

(Also see Orchard Beach in April)

Some of the sights around Orchard Beach in May…

Orchard Beach is where my family has lived for over 60 years, along Mill Creek, on the Chesapeake Bay.

Spring flowers have faded into lush greenery, and summer is about to come into full force. When the temperature and humidity creeps up and up, Orchard Beach transforms into a jungle of misty green, vines, bugs, and animals. The humidity allows sound to travel farther – sometimes you can hear taps being played at the Naval Academy in the evenings, power boats zooming on Mill Creek, and also the Blue Herons screaming in the night, over the roar of crickets, mosquitoes, and other bugs.

You can stand on the back deck, looking out into the woods and not see any other houses, only the undulating, living jungle. There is barely a view of the water out the front of the house as the trees have filled in.

The gardens are coming together after numerous trips to gardening shops – vegetables, herbs, flowers, and shrubs.

You can go back into the woods, turn 360 degrees and not see a single sign of human life – forgetting where you are and dream of an imaginary land….

Jungle off the back deck

Jungle off the back deck


Mom’s cascading clematis

garden sprouting

Vegetable garden sprouting up from the earth.

la rosa blanca

La Rosa Blanca – the White Rose

potted garden planted

my potted garden, with herbs (thyme, oregano, basil, lavender, mint, sage), hen&chicks, and dusty miller

redbud tree full of green

The redbud tree now lush and shady green

snake chillin

garden friend


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