Orchard Beach in June

Some of the sights around Orchard Beach in June…

Orchard Beach is where my family has lived for over 60 years, along Mill Creek, on the Chesapeake Bay.

June is one of the magical months around Orchard Beach. The berry bushes start to ripen their fruit, the garden explodes by leaps and bounds – all plants are on the cusp of beginning to share their fruit. Wild wine berries in the woods, figs, blue berries, nanking cherries, black and red currents, zucchini, spaghetti squash, blue tomatoes, multi-colored corn, pumpkins, ghost peppers, jalapenos, bell peppers, red tomatoes, beets, turnips, peas, onions, basil, rosemary, parsley, dill.

The sun is getting hotter, the air more humid and heavy.

Also, the lilies bloom, just in time for my dad’s birthday. Bright orange against the vivid green stems and leaves. Before the trees grew so big, extending their limbs of shade, the entire ravine would be a blanket of orange from the blooming day lilies.

The spring flowers such as the clematis and daffodils have gone back to sleep, and a new variety of summer flowers erupt from the green.

(Also see Orchard Beach in April, and May)


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