Orchard Beach in July

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Some of the sights around Orchard Beach in July…

Orchard Beach is where my family has lived for over 60 years, along Mill Creek, on the Chesapeake Bay.

Summer is full swing, and the woods have become alive – undulating with greenery and birds, bugs, rabbits, and deer. Sleeping with your windows wide open, the cacophony of life lies right beside you. If only I could share a taste of what the living woods sound like. The summer has so far been unseasonably wet and cool, but the summer cycles still occur. The usual afternoon thunderstorms are not as frequent.

Most of the berries are now gone by the end of the month, and the vegetable garden is just starting to produce tomatoes, hot peppers of all sorts, yellow squash, and some acorn and spaghetti on the way. It is almost not hot enough for the tomatoes. The green beans are mostly finished, and the onions, beets and turnips never came around. Perhaps too wet. The figs are ever abundant.

At this point in the summer, the woods have become so overgrown in parts that we have not mowed. There are suggestions of old paths, almost beckoning you to follow them once again. A walk down the hill to the water and a flood of childhood memories return – plucking fresh figs, sinking your teeth into the freshest of fresh; running a little skimmer net across the bulkhead to catch grass shrimp; walking along the pilings with crab net in hand – hunting; grandpa’s black-eyed-susans; and the ever-present and lurking poison ivy.

Come, take a walk with me….

Fern Forest and the Hunting Cat

Fern Forest and the Hunting Cat

Fig Trees  and Black-Eyed-Susans

Fig Trees and Grandpa’s Black-Eyed-Susans

Bulkhead for GrassShrimp hunting

Bulkhead for GrassShrimp hunting – on Mill Creek



Mill Creek where Old Mr. Francis the waterman used to keep his boat, RIP

Mill Creek – the dock where Old Mr. Francis the waterman used to keep his boat, RIP

definition of a wild vegetable garden

definition of a wild vegetable garden

Dad's Incense Burner by the Garden to keep bugs away

Dad’s Incense Burner by the Garden to keep bugs away

the Cicadas have arrived

the Cicadas have arrived

Mom's Cone Flowers

Mom’s Cone Flowers

Be sure to see the out-takes of this collection, and more photos at EmaBee’s Art Facebook page, here.


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