EmaBee Inspiration: Pablo Neruda

NERUDA - La Isla Negra

NERUDA – La Isla Negra

Pablo Neruda is one of the most famous poets in Latin America, writing about nature, politics, and love (some of my favorite things). He was selected among a handful of other Hispanic writers to have recordings made of him reciting his writings at the Library of Congress. (So cool!)

He was given a Nobel Prize of Literature “for a poetry that with the action of an elemental force brings alive a continent’s destiny and dreams.”

Neruda, a lover of the sea and all things maritime, built the home to resemble a ship with low ceilings, creaking wood floors, and narrow passageways. He had three houses and I visited them all while studying abroad in Chile. La Sebastiana in Valpairiso; La Casa Isla Negra in Isla Negra; and La Chascona in Santiago. (see photos below)

My great-aunt recently got me a bilingual book of love poems. I also really like his book, “Canto General” (General Song), which tells the story of the conquest of the Americas.

Here is an excerpt of one of his love poems, titled “Night on the Island”

“…I have slept with you
and on waking, your mouth,
come from your dream,
gave me the taste of earth,
of sea water, of seaweed,
of the depths of your life,and I received your kiss
moistened by the dawn
as if it came to me
from the sea that surrounds us. “

…and in Spanish, an excerpt of “La Noche en la Isla” because Spanish almost always sounds better:

“He dormido contigo
y al despertar, tu boca,
salida de tu sueño,
me dio el sabor de tierra,
de agua marina, de algas,
del fondo de tu vida,
y recibí tu beso
mojado por la aurora
como si me llegara
del mar que nos rodea.”

– Excerpts of “Love Poems” by Pablo Neruda, published by New Directions Books

see more photos from Neruda’s Houses, and other inspirations, on EmaBee’s Art Facebook page, here.


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