Annapolis Sailboat Racing

UPDATE: check out this article about learning to sail. We took our sailboat ride with our good friend Fred Probst of Annapolis Sailing School, the oldest sailing school in the nation, and featured in this article.


So, Annapolis is an interesting city. I like to say it is a mix of several distinct groups of people that all find a way to live as neighbors…

One of those groups of people are die-hard and recreational sailors. Annapolis has Wednesday night races where people get together April through August for formal races organized by the Annapolis Yacht Club (AYC).  AYC gives a little history and description of the races here.While I have never followed this much, if I happen to be out lounge-sailing with friends on Wednesday night, we often see the races, and we have fun watching the big colorful spinnakers come out, as we attempt to dodge the serious racers.

In my opinion, the best part of Wednesday night races, if you happen to be on the water, is to crack open a nice cold beer, relax and watch the carbon-fiber and kevlar sails unfurl on some of the fanciest sailboats in the world. In fact, a friend confirmed that during the afternoon before the races, sometimes the U.S. Olympic Sailing team trains if it is especially good weather.

It was perfect yesterday…

DSCF6866edit DSCF6881edit DSCF6887edit DSCF6889edit DSCF6921edit DSCF6958edit DSCF6873editAlso, check out my “Recipe for Sailing on the Chesapeake.”


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