EmaBee’s Artist Code

Looking through my blog, I realized I wrote these up, but never shared directly – not sure if anyone had ever even read them, so here they are – and you can also find them here, on my “Policies” page.


EmaBee's Art

EmaBee’s Art

EmaBee’s Artist Code

I have been taught within the family tradition of honesty and integrity and hold myself to the highest of standards – in business and interpersonal relationships, via the interwebs, or otherwise.

I pride myself on taking no shortcuts, and am highly attentive to detail, yielding high-quality products, each one unique and original.

All of the work on the blog is entirely and completely my own unless otherwise indicated. Sometimes I feature items written by others, photographs taken by others, or share photos of others’ art that serves as an inspiration for me. I will always clearly indicate when I am featuring or borrow another person’s work. If you have any thoughts or concerns about this, I encourage you to contact me.

I do not use Photoshop to alter any of my photographs. I am not very good at using it, and I like to keep my work, for the most part, unaltered. The exception is that in some photographs I play with the contrast, lightening, or darkening the photograph, or crop them – similar to techniques used in the dark room.

Sharing art with the world is a very personal, and at times vulnerable action. I believe it is important to respect people’s art as we can learn so much from others, about our selves, and open up new ways of thinking and interacting with the world around us. Please be gentle.

I am on a journey toward peace profound. come join me.

embrace the day and new beginnings

embrace the day and new beginnings

p.s. this photo is from my post: Meditation on the New Sun from 12/22/12


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