Happy 100th Birthday!

Hidee, a.k.a. John Dayton Willard III would have turned 100 years old on October 25, 2013.

Hidee was born in Massachusetts to John Dayton Willard II, and Helen Stone (brother of Supreme Court Chief Justice of Harlan Stone). He attended Amherst College for a short time, and worked on boats in Cape Cod during the summer. He moved to Prince George’s County in Maryland in the 1930s to work for the Federal Bureau of Intelligence (FBI). Family legend says that Harlan Stone (then Attorney General) sent Hidee to the FBI to “keep an eye” on J. Edgar Hoover after Harlan realized what trouble Hoover was. Hidee worked in the ballistics lab and helped start the FBI gun collection. After leaving the FBI in the late 1940s, and bought the boatyard in Annapolis. He lived out his days at the family Willard and Sons’ Boatyard and Marina, and passed away in 1992.

This is a self-portrait from 1960.

Hidee's 1960 Self-Portrait

Hidee’s 1960 Self-Portrait

Hidee with wife Vera, and baby John (grandpa), – Late 1930s, Early 1940s.

Vera, John, and Hidee

Vera, John, and Hidee – Late 1930s, Early 1940s.


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