Orchard Beach in October

Orchard Beach is where my family has lived for over 60 years, along Mill Creek, on the Chesapeake Bay.

One of the most beautiful times of year, and definitely my favorite! We are now in the depths of autumn. The mornings are cool and crisp, the leaves crunch, and they are just starting to turn colors – greens fading to yellow and brown, tints of red and orange.

There are some lingering peppers bushes, still full of purple, green, red, orange, and yellow hot peppers. A few late figs, sweet surprise jewels. There are still some green tomatoes, and squash, and lush winter spices of sage, rosemary, and thyme for making pot roasts. And, most exciting to report, EARS on the CORN PLANTS finally! (Kernels are from Peru.)

This is the time that the sunrises are phenomenal – the deep oranges and reds, fading to cool blues. As the leaves fall off the trees, a view from the front of the house opens to see the sunrise come up over the creek on crisp mornings.

Every year since my parents were married, my dad made a tradition of getting my mom mums for her birthday in September – they were married in November and it was a way for them to remember, celebrate, and enjoy. She plants the mums, and often times they return the following years.

Come take a walk with me…

peru corn ear

peru corn ear

fresh off the plant boatyard fig

fresh off the plant boatyard fig

mill creek sunrise on orchard beach

mill creek sunrise

winter herbs - rosemary, sage, thyme

winter herbs – rosemary, sage, thyme

mom's perinnial birthday mums

mom’s perennial birthday mums

autumn woods and late afternoon sun

autumn woods and late afternoon sun

* Also see Orchard Beach in April, May, June, July, August, and September.

** Be sure to see the out-takes of this collection, and more photos at EmaBee’s Art Facebook page, here.


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