Dad Writes a Poem about Guatemala…

Today I am featuring a poem written by my father, John. He and I visited Gautemala in 2009 with the Guatemala Human Rights Commission-USA. As with me, the experience changed his life and planted a seed of deep commitment and love for Guatemala that has been growing ever since.

Read more about the Guatemala Initiative, here & Why Guatemala, here.


Human remains, in a mass grave in Quiche Guatemala, amidst the decayed threads of huipiles (traditional Mayan women’s blouses).

Oración del Rosarios

Eyes close my I
In memories of pain
So profound
Words cannot speak

My tongue fumbles
My heart knows
The accent of Prayer
Called out in darkness

In which ditch
I choose to die
Nothing noble
Red machetes

The Gospel
They say eye
The dirt
Eye say I

We unbury the dead
To unbury life
Achieving neither
Only fire and whips

The smell of flesh
More evil than hate
Splayed indifference
Scarred pink new

Little children smile
Traveling between pews
Wondering who died
First mother or child


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