“What We Learn When We See”

I wrote this poem in high school…

“What We Learn When We See”

When you run through the tall wet grass of a meadow and wonder if you really can fit between the raindrops. But then you realize you don’t want to. You want to feel the tender splashing on your shoulders, the pricks on your face when it’s a cold rain. You breath in deep and feel better than you ever have…

When you come early to your 8:00 class and amble through the brisk morning air. You help one of your best buds with homework. You take a deep breath, trying not to notice the thick classroom air filling your lungs, such a contrast to the sharp morning air of a few minutes ago. In walks a classmate, her clothes barely fitting over her body, her purse is more wealthy than her book bag…

When you run so hard, so fast, and you feel each muscle send you flying down the straightaway. The fatigue eating away at your mind, but you must go faster. It is almost too painful to breathe the chilled air. You collapse at the finish line, but you get up and do it again…

When people lose their breath, lose their lives, their hopes, and dreams; for a flag that represents ideas of freedom and liberty. When the young refuse to stand; too forgetful to remember, too apathetic to show respect. Hope that they only turn their backs to the flag, not to you or the values it represents. Hope it is only their youth; you wonder if you have died in vain…

When you watch the sunrise, orange yellow, fuchsia peeking through the interstices of the strong tall trees, so alive you can see them breathing. The sky is so brilliant, fiery, and enchanting that when you look into the mirror and still see the reflection of the sky in your eyes…

When you lie on the floor in the basement piled with your closest friends. Each arm is the others, each breath is the others, smooth and quiet; so exposed, yet so secure. You melt together becoming one being with the same hopes, dreams, longings, and passions…


post script

At this time, I was running track and cross-country on the high school team which was my family and my world for those four years. I was also involved politically, marching and protesting the invasion of Iraq. 9/11 happened during high school. I recall having to work out in my mind my deep and reverent patriotism, with my deep disagreement (disgust, really) with President Bush’s foreign policy – I was figuring out how to love my country, and disagree with my president at the same time, realizing that they could be separated.

sunrise on mill creek

sunrise on mill creek


4 responses to ““What We Learn When We See”

  1. that’s such a beautiful poem, sweetie! filled with imagery- i especially was caught off guard to the purse/ backpack comparison. what brought this to mind, i wonder? was amy the friend in the basement? glad to see you made it to california safe and sound. what are you gonna be up to today?

    On Thu, Nov 7, 2013 at 10:29 AM, EmaBee’s Art

    • thanks! there were many people in that pile of bodies 🙂 all young and fresh, full of ideas, aspirations, and inspirations 🙂 I hope we all live out our dreams in some way or another.

  2. Had the same problem over 40 years ago with a place called Vietnam. Iraq much different though. I don’t care if S had WMD’s or not. He kept his people in terror my maintaining rape rooms. That evil cannot be tolerated.

    • Thanks for writing Carl. It seems as though we keep making the same mistakes generation after generation. Hopefully one day we will choose peace and love instead of fear and war.

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