A Dream-Catcher

I’ve been working on Christmas presents this year, and made this dream-catcher for my friend. I wanted to make it non-traditional by adding more colors, and blending cultures by including a charm with a Chinese character in the center.

I really liked using the yarn that changes color, and the fuzzy yarn for edges. I love making dream catchers, there is something so magical with the weaving the spider-like web in the center – so simple to do, but takes on a life of its own when you are making it. You never know exactly how it’s going to turn out.

Even though the charm says “prosperity” on the back; my friend told me it means “money” in Chinese. I guess that is a good example who there is so much nuance and context with the Chinese language, that the same thing can mean different things in different contexts. “Money” is not exactly what I would have chosen for the center of the dream catcher, but it is what I had – and maybe there is artistry in the irony…? My friend (whose English is a second language) referred to it a few times as a “dream-hunter” – I thought this was also very interesting considering languages – that the concept was the same, but the nuance of the English language in this context makes hunter vs. catcher very different. There is a difference in passive (catching) and more aggressive (hunting), and also an inanimate object can “catch” but probably not “hunt.”

I like how the dream-hunter turned out… 😉


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