The Power of Music

The healing power of music – how true that is.

When feeling alone and lost and unsure of yourself, and then a song comes on that seems to have been written just for you and your specific situation. You are all of a sudden not alone in the struggle. Similar to a book of good poetry, or a striking piece of sculpture… that song that speaks to you through your headphones – art transcends time and space. Music can move us in powerful ways, both providing comfort in a time of despair, and by sometimes expressing love in words that seem to come from our own heart.

I just recently heard on public radio, young people speaking about finding solace in Nirvana’s music. Last week, the internet was awash with messages about how Pete Seeger influenced a nation, for generations. Half asleep on the bus the other day, I was reminded of the power of music.

Xavier Rudd was introduced to me by a good friend. My friend actually brought four C.D.s of Xavier’s music to me from Australia. It has always struck me as powerful, honest, relateable, and about all of the stuff I care about. The didgeridoo is just wildly wonderful icing on the cake. I like lots of his songs for different reasons. The album, “Food in the Belly,” happens to be what is on my “clay” playlist (“clay” being the soundtrack for pottery class, and for the 3 hours of my bus riding commute each day). The song, “September 29, 1999,” reached through space and time and got me the other day…

Germinating seed from the positive
germinating deep inside my heart.
And it will gnaw through the negatives
as it grows on

Black clouds seem thick
when they cover all your stars.
There’ll be days when you will sit.
You’ll let them swallow your spark.
But the fear is in the wind
without choice in the dark.

With human beings comes so much hate and violence
but you can always seek love and support.

and true belief from some who love.
And now it’s growing inside the one sent to me
by her heart.

So I’ll take the test presented
and I will force it back inside its home.
Cause my heart will win


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