Back to Clay (Very Exciting!)

If you follow me on Facebook, you know that I recently signed up for a clay/ceramics class at Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts. I’ve been wanting to take this class for years and finally one day decided to sign up – wow am I glad I did! After doing clay class in high school, and then as an elective in college it is SO GOOD to get back to it. I have had to remind myself of a lot, and am learning new things (like the variety of underglazes).

Between class on Monday and open studio on Saturday I get to spend 5 hours a week working on clay projects. I am tempted to call out sick every Wednesday to go to open studio then, too.

This class is for doing tiles, mosaics, and hand-building (as opposed to using the pottery wheel). Check out what I’ve been up to!!


I made these tiles with the idea that I will grout them into either the black-splash of my future (far future) kitchen, or put them in the base of a serving tray. I used various objects to make impressions in the wet clay – a honey dipper, a branch from old hemlocks on Orchard Beach planted by Hidee, shells, and alphabet pasta (that will burn off in the kiln).


I used the rose stencil that I am obsessed with and made a 3-D tile with it. I traced the stencil, then traced it again and cut out the pieces and used slip to attach them. I let it dry to leather-hard and carved away the messiness, smoothing the curves and edges. I am really excited to start painting/glazing this one!


One of my favorite way to work with clay is getting it into a shape, letting it dry to leather-hard and then carving it. I could sit for HOURS and carve away at something I am making. Carving on a flat surface, sort of like drawing on a piece of paper like I did with this peacock feather trivet is ok, but I really like carving and sculpting in the 3-D with leather-hard (see the rose stencil above). Notice the different widths of texture and lines in this peacock feather. I am really excited to make everything pop with lots of vibrant color – which you can do with low-fire clay and glazes such as this, (as opposed to high-fire which is heated to a higher temperature with less variety of vibrant colors.)

clay carved peacock feather

clay carved peacock feather

Stay tuned for updates of what things look like as they come out of the kiln and get all glazed up!


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