EmaBee Inspiration: Sgraffito

In clay class last time, our teacher demonstrated sgraffito (carving into clay with contrasting colors). I have done this before, and actually is one of my favorite ways to work with clay–I only ever did it just carving and adding color later–but she showed how to paint an under-glaze first, let it dry THEN do the carving – brilliant! Then I google image searched sgraffito and began to erupt with ideas. These are two of my favorites:


I plan to try doing a platter with a similar tree. I love the details in the edge, with the thick and thin lines.


I really like the organic flow to this sgraffito design, and I especially like it on a pot. I am thinking of using this method to make a tall, thin cylindrical vase, and then do this organic flow sgraffito on it.


Here are a bunch of others I came across that I really liked for one reason or another – sorry no credits, just do google image search for “sgraffito” and you will find them 🙂



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