Orchard Beach in March

With this post of “Orchard Beach in March” we have chronicled a full year of seasons here on Orchard Beach in Maryland the beautiful, quite a milestone, and the last of the series…thank you for following along with me, and be sure to stay tuned to more of EmaBee’s new creations, projects, and adventures.


Orchard Beach is where my family has lived for over 60 years, along Mill Creek, on the Chesapeake Bay.

As I’ve mentioned before, it has been a strangely cold winter here in Maryland. I think we have gotten snow almost every week for two to three months straight, even through March — so these March pictures have more snow than usual for around here. Though, I am very happy to report, that March is the month that we have the first flower sighting of spring! Very good news after a long, dark, cold winter.

Orchard Beach is a paradise of green and peace amid the metropolis of Annapolis, Washington, DC, and Baltimore. You can walk out into the woods, and to to a certain spot and look around and not see a single piece of evidence of other humans. You can create an entire imaginary world in your mind; or just lay in the leaves looking up at the sun shining through the tree branches; imagine stories of other times – the peoples who used to live on the land hundreds of years ago, day dreaming what things must have looked like.

Sit so still and quiet and take in the life around you – the earthworm inching along in the moist black earth and brown leaves; the neat little piles of beaded deer dung; birds twittering among the trees singing to each other…

Falling asleep to the hooting of an owl, and waking up to the sun across you face, and a wood pecker tapping away – the first thing you open your eyes to is the trees swaying in the sun against a blue sky. All of the plants and animals and bugs that also call this place their home – and if you pay close enough attention they can become just as much your neighbors as other humans.

There is also something magical about the water – Mill Creek – which was unusually green the other day. Something about the lapping against the bulkhead, and the swaying of the sailboats, halyards clanking you to sleep.

Come, take a walk with me…

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** Be sure to see the out-takes of this collection, and more photos at EmaBee’s Art Facebook page, here.


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