The Journey of a Ring: Restored Faith in Humanity

I want to take the opportunity to share a happy story that has restored my faith in humanity. It’s the story of a piece of art (a hand-made ring) and it’s journey to find me, a journey entirely dependent on the goodness of strangers.



Custom Vintage Jewelry by “Wear It Out” the “Aqua Turquoise Winter Tree Filigree Statement Ring” gunmetal finish – available here:

I ordered this awesome ring off of Etsy (from Wear it Out)  last week and didn’t realize that it still had my old shipping address (at the apartment). I only realized when I got shipping confirmation last weekend that it was delivered to the old apartment. Bummer. So Monday night I stopped by the apartment and knocked on my old door, but no one answered so I left a note explaining the situation and I left my number.

Days go by without getting a call and I was pretty bummed, thinking sure it’s inconvenient to call a stranger about a missing passage but hoping they would be considerate enough.

Finally today I got a call from someone with a really thick accent saying something the effect of – he had been out if town and just got my message – he didn’t have my package, but someone else did and here’s his number. After thinking a while I realized that the package must have been mis-delivered to someone else. (what a mess!) At this point I wasn’t really understanding spelling of names, just calling phone numbers hoping the person on the other end would know what I was talking about.

I got a call back a little later. Sure enough the package was delivered to the wrong guy who had been coming for days knocking on my old apartment door trying to get the package to its owner, not knowing that I didn’t even live there. I said that I could stop by to get it or he could just leave it outside his door and I would come by and get it, but he insisted in giving it to me directly to make sure I got it. In fact he was at work at a 7-11 right now (near where I live) and had it with him – so I stopped by and he ran out in the middle if his shift and gave it for me.

This ring will forever remind me that there are other good people out there too, willing to go out if their way to help out a fellow human –> two complete strangers helping me out. I will be sure to pay it forward 🙂


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