Portraits of Orchard Beach Trees

These are more from the set of photos I took with my macro lens, and standard lens, last weekend. (Be sure to check out my other post of Orchard Beach flowers!) I broke out my National Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Trees and scoped out some of the trees on Orchard Beach. Since getting a copy of the Audubon field guide, and reading the “Reverence for Wood” book – I’ve made it my mission to get to know the trees of Orchard Beach. I want to be able to recognize them better by leaves, bark and blossoms/cones; get to know them better, since they are my neighbors.

Some of them (their leaves) are still too early into spring to be able to fully identify them, but some of them were pretty clear.For example – not sure exactly which sub-section the maples are.  I did no know that a sassafras tree had a flower! I look forward to identifying more of the trees throughout the year as the leaves mature through the seasons.


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