Portraits of Other Orchard Beach Plants

This is continuing in a series of portraits of plants on Orchard Beach, experimenting with my macro lens. Be sure to check out “Portraits of Orchard Beach Wild Flowers,” and “Portraits of Orchard Beach Trees.” This is a post of other neat plants on Orchard Beach that have a special place in our hearts…

Swamp-land ferns – Dinosaur plants which my mom is always bringing from the woods and transplanting in the gardens around the pond and the house. How amazing is their “fur” in the macro lens?


Shrubs and vines – and the ever so infamous poison ivy! Also, flowers and fruit – (Mountain Laurel is the name of the next street over)




…and a diseased leaf!

diseased leaf

diseased leaf


2 responses to “Portraits of Other Orchard Beach Plants

    • to be honest – it is a clip on set of lenses for my iphone! Its a macro, wide angle, and fish eye – though these photos are all with the macro. I got them on super sale online for like $20 – way cheaper than buying a slr camera, though getting one eventually is still a goal. I’m having fun with these for now 🙂

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