EmaBee’s Inspiration: Shane Koyczan

Shane Koyczan is an “EmaBee’s Inspiration” because of his powerful use of the spoken word, a wonderful example of how art can really make a difference to others, making the world a better place.

Shane Koyczan; image by Jenna Hurst - http://jennahurstart.blogspot.com/2013/07/to-this-day.html

Shane Koyczan; image by Jenna Hurst – http://jennahurstart.blogspot.com/2013/07/to-this-day.html


I’ve been told
that people in the army
do more by 7:00am
than I do
in an entire day

but if I wake
at 6:59am
and turn to you
to trace the outline of your lips
with mine
I will have done enough
and killed no one
in the process.”

– Shane Koyczan, from his book “Visiting Hours” available here.


dandilion photo by emabee

dandelion photo by emabee


Shane posted this Facebook status on May 6, 2014:

“I am posting this as yesterday clicks over into today

Today marks the 3 year anniversary of going off anti depression medication. The first step back toward what I considered “normalcy” came by embracing the fact that “normal” doesn’t exist. We are damaged, hurt, ugly and beautiful creatures. We are puzzles and riddles… ironies and hypocrites. I would urge anyone toward pharmacology if that’s what can help them. I would beg anyone to come away from it if they feel ready to accept and endure pain. I thank everyone who gave me their time to talk me down from the abundance of ledges that this world has to offer. I would and will plead that those who have never truly felt the depth of despair to, please, embrace patience when dealing with us. We will not change over night. Your love is an echo that we will hear… in time. I am here because of love.” (emphasis added)

Shane did this spoken word poem that rampaged around the internet for a while; I hope it keeps spreading:



Shane has a website here. Facebook here. You can buy his poetry here.


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