Adventures: Bangkok, Thailand

I haven’t posted anything on Bangkok yet, even though I’ve been here for a week now because I am struggling in different ways:

1) finding good photo subject matter. I’m used to this being easy, so many beautiful things at home I have to stop myself from taking too many pictures. Here, in an asphalt and concrete city, I have to look a lot harder, and spend more time.

2) I’m also really busy with orientation, class, events, that I am having to force myself to sit down and do reading, writing, and painting. Today was the first day I actually got to relax a bit.

3) processing all of my feelings and experiences – lots of heavy stuff with the subject matter (conflict, violence, genocide), missing important things at home like birthdays, weddings, ordination, and dealing with the new culture here – language, traffic rules, food, smells…
A perfect example is even if I do find a good photo opportunity, I’m weary of traffic and being so obviously a tourist. I’m working to get over that. Here’s a photo I looped back around a corner to get after thinking about it for a while, but basically had to stand in the middle of the street so couldn’t get the lighting right…


Also, you can see the pollution is pretty bad. I’ll keep working at it…


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