PEACE ART: *creating* a vision of peace

During the first week of the Rotary Peace Fellowship, here in Bangkok, Thailand, we spent a morning talking about the role of peace art. All of us have the ability to create a vision of peace for our communities.

We heard in one of our lectures:

Creativity and imagination are crucial because they encourage the belief that new ways of being, thinking, and living are possible.

We can use art in different ways to be creative about building bridges of understanding, transforming communities, understanding each other’s individual stories, and creating a vision of peace we can work to achieve.

We talked about many many examples, this one is the project of our lecturer…

THE SONG STREAM PROJECT’s “Landscape of Lullabies”, recordings of lullabies from all of the world in an effort to bring people together and cherish our commonalities…

Then, FREE MINDS BOOK CLUB AND WRITING WORKSHOP, one of my favorites for which I often volunteer as a poetry commenting/editing, in Washington, D.C. You, yourself, can also comment on poems here. Here’s an excerpt from a poem, “Pain to Power,” written by an incarcerated youth:

But I took the pain and turned it into poems
Now I feel as if he’s living in me
As if I’m the reincarnation of him

Be sure to check out other awesome peace art I’ve featured on my blog by looking at the posts tagged Art Activism & Challenging Perspectives.

Art allows us to connect as human beings with common dreams, hopes, desires, frustrations, grief, and joy.

Here’s some art I made for the class about my vision for peace…




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