Adventures: Fruit & Flowers

Two of my favorite small things of life here in Bangkok, Thailand for the Rotary Peace Fellowship is my daily walk through the garden center to get to class, and the lady who has a fruit cart across the street from my building. She has the best watermelon and pineapple I have ever eaten. I stop every day, so she knows me by now. I’m learning how to ask what her name is. She makes cutting fruit look beautiful, the way the knife goes through like butter and in one motion she makes the last cut and slides it off the cutting board into a little take-away bag. Sometimes she offers a piece for you to munch on while she slices up the rest. Each little bag of fruit is 10 Bhat so about USD $0.30.


Posing with the pineapple 🙂


Hibiscus with raindrops in the garden center on my walk to class.



Best watermelon ever



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