What’s Going on at the Bangkok Creation Station

This is a sneak peak of a piece I am working on. After focusing on 3-D with clay for the last 6 months, it’s kind of nice to go to pencil and paper where I can easily erase mistakes, and work in layers. With clay, once I rolled out a beautiful big piece of smooth, flat clay, molded into some beautiful shape, and then ready to carve a design, I only really had one chance. If I made a mistake carving, I would have to start over – especially of I was doing underglaze for sgraffito.

With pencil and paper, if I have a soft lead pencil, draw lightly and have a good eraser, I’ve got almost as many chances as I need.


I’m really excited about how this piece is coming along. I’ve got lots if symbolism going in which I’ll explain when I’m done.

I am struggling with how to color, and do the drawing part. I like pen and ink because if the sharpness of detail, but I need color in this, I’ll probably do some layers of watercolor, too. I’m not really happy with dark lines, I think I need to check the store on campus for a thinner pen.

Needed to take a beak and think through before I do more…

Pencil outline sketch.


Some detail


Adding color


2 responses to “What’s Going on at the Bangkok Creation Station

  1. That looks really cool, I’m seeing a little bit of earth, wind, fire and water elements!! I can’t wait to see all the colors you use in the design.

    • thanks!!!! yep – something sort of like that. I finished coloring it, but don’t like it. I want to re-do it with watercolor instead of colored pencil. we will see…

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