Hand Crafts in Chiang Mai: Thai Silk

For the Rotary Peace Fellowship, we went in a field study to Chiang Mai to learn about the Thai political situation, which, according to current law in Thailand, we are not allowed to talk about. Political discussions and actions (protests) are prohibited.
So, more on this some other time.

I changed my flight to stay in Chiang Mai for extra days to see the city, and checked out some sights, and visit my cousin out In the countryside, about an hour from Chiang Mai. One of them was the (very touristy- but oh well) place where they make Thai silk. I saw the worms, cocoons, and the process of pulling the silk fiber from the cocoons and winding it into yarn (?- string). Then the big floor looms to weave the material. The colors and process are fantastic, so neat to see it all happening.

The whole time there I was very fondly remembering my dear friend Gwen Rector who taught me to weave on a floor loom as a child. Every place I traveled and came across native and beautiful textiles, I would take photos and bring her back a samples and told her all about it. I did this traveling in Peru, Chile, and Guatemala. She passed away last November, and I was sad thinking that I wouldn’t be able to share photos and samples with her, but then I realized I knew she was right there with me smiling and was just as excited.

I took it all I and enjoyed it in memory of her, a beautiful artistic soul.

Be sure to check out more photos of the gorgeous silk, including batik and painting on silk on EmaBee’s Facebook page here: Facebook.com/emabeesart – see the album “EmaBee’s Inspirations.”


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