Hand Crafts in Chiang Mai: Celadon

On my fist day in Chiang Mai when I saw this sign in a gift shop at the restaurant where my group are lunch, I was so excited I was jumping up and down, looking for someone to explain/translate for me ASAP. Why? Because if you have been following my blog, or are in my clay class (especially my clay teacher) you know that the “celadon” glaze is my favorite.

I just had a inkling that there was something cool going on here. I came to learn that “celadon” isn’t just this one nice pale bluish-green glaze for pottery among a bunch of other nice glazes it is fact inspired by “high-fired stoneware with a wood-ash glaze” a form of traditional ceramics found in Thailand and China originating 700 years ago. (At least according to this website.) It is apparently “a man-made attempt to duplicate opaque jade.”

I was able to get the group to make a momentary stop at one if the celadon workshops/factories where I snapped some pictures and got a few things to take home.

Pretty exciting to learn the backstory of one of my favorite glaze colors!

awesome huge elephant:


. Workshop areas and huge kilns:





beautiful pieces:




and I got this lotus candleholder to bring home:


Be sure to see more photos at EmaBee’s Facebook page: Facebook.com/emabeesart. 😀


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