Adventures: Missing Maryland

Today I was really struck by the sadness I feel of missing a summer at home by the Chesapeake Bay with all the lush green, noisy wild animals and bugs, cool water, the smell of approaching afternoon thunderstorms, grandpas black-eyed-susans, mom’s flowers, the garden full of squash, tomatoes, peppers, green beans, and herbs. Daily happy hour with experimental cocktails by the family fishpond. Sailing, hiking, biking, lounging, and being silly with fiends. Skinny dipping. Grilling on the deck. Warm summer nights with the windows rolled down driving around the back roads. Or, even better: on the back of a motorcycle when you can feel the drastic change of temperature to coolness when you go over the bridges over our many rivers and through gullies and ravines, sweet summer flowing all around you, every cell in your body singing, your heart about to rocket out of your body and dance with the summer’s full moon and winking stars.


In class this morning, I made a list of all the things I want to eat when I get home:
– raw oysters on the half shell
– a dozen steamed crabs
– (grilled) corn on the cob with Old Bay seasoning
– mom’s oven baked fried chicken
– dad’s spaghetti squash salad
– fresh garden tomato and garden basil with fresh ground salt, pepper, olive oil, and a thin slices garden jalapeño
– lightly steamed garden squash
– homemade potato salad
– homemade spaghetti
And to top it off, my favorite local brews: Loose Cannon IPA, Rams Head IPA, and Fordham Copperhead Ale


Today, my mom so kindly sent me pictures from home of “how the gardens grow.” I am able to close my eyes, block out the endless expanse of the heavy, smoggy Bangkok skyline, breathe in the fresh smell of the earth and the trees in the woods, and taste a fresh tomato right off the bush, the scent of basil the pleasantly overwhelms you when you walk out the door to meet the gurgling frog fountain in the shaded fishpond, home if the family koi.


Tonight, may I dream of Maryland, home sweet home.

[photos in this post by mother of EmaBee, a remote report in from home on Orchard Beach while EmaBee is in Bangkok, Thailand for three months for the Rotary Peace Fellowship.]


3 responses to “Adventures: Missing Maryland

  1. There is an Old Bay beer that Flying Dog is selling in Maryland this summer, can’t when to try some soon. It’s called “Dead Rise”

  2. Velocir: I really really want to try that Old Bay beer! I hope it’s still there when I return in September.
    Jeff: the Bay has a way of staying in your heart forever.

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