Support New Community Arts Center Coming to Town


O.K. people – If you ever even once looked at my blog, you know how much clay class meant to me this past spring. My clay teacher (Deb Soreff) is starting a super awesome community art center in Severna Park, Maryland that will be open to everyone and anyone, offering:

  • art classes and workshops
  • studio space and music
  • community meeting rooms
  • mediation and knitting
  • a co-op to sell art
  • sewing and photography
  • ceramics and jewelry
  • metal fusing and painting
  • a gallery for finished work
  • a nebula of creativity and all things art of all skill levels

Read = a possible second home for me, and maybe even you too!

She says that sharing her art is like lighting a flame, and sharing it with others. She got a write-up in the local newspaper.

She is needs help raising money to open the center – kilns that reach over 1000 degrees Fahrenheit and melt glass and turn a chunk of mud into a beautiful set of dishes don’t run cheap….please consider supporting her (really the community’s) project on kickstarter.

Watch her video describing the project here.

dishes made in Deb's art class, hope to make more at The Artistic Flame one day soon...

dishes made in Deb’s art class, hope to make more at The Artistic Flame one day soon…


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