Adventures: Offerings for Peace

[orchid and lotus offerings at Wat Hua Lomphong, Bangkok, Thailand]

Today my brother arrived in Bangkok. I’ve spent nine days in the Philippines studying their peace process. Met with government officials, a member of congress, and the MILF (an armed group fighting for autonomous self-rule).

Today my brother and I went to Wat Hua Lomphong which is a Thai Buddhist temple about a 20 minute walk from where I live on Bangkok.

It was much less touristy than other temples: everything was in Thai, no English. There were many icons, statues, offerings, candles, and incense.

In the Philippines there was a mix of emotion and questions about identity, self-determination, democracy, and freedom. We learned so much, but are left with many more questions than answers (as cliche as that sounds).

Today at Wat Hua Lomphong, I made an offering for the people of the Philippines, and for my peace fellow friends here, that we may always hold each other in our hearts and continue to seek peace and fellowship in all we do.


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