EmaBee Inspiration: Rojana’s fashion painting


For the past two days I walked past this dress shop in Chiang Mai, Thailand, I was mesmerized. Elegant paintings of flowers and animals adorn tank tops, linen shifts, long flowing dresses. Peacocks, herons, lotus flowers, roses, vines, lilies….

Finally I stopped in and talked to the owner, Rojana. She is a professor of fashion design at the local university, and her brother is an artist – so she designs the clothes, and he and 4 other artists paint the beautiful scenes on them. They use high-quality acrylics.


I chose a brown linen dress with a peacock and flowers. An absolutely gorgeous work if art that I can wear. Though I have to get over the fear of wearing it and messing it up.

Now I want to go home and start painting on clothing with acrylics!

The store is called Rojana Art & Souvenirs, it’s 154/1-2 Rachamakha Rd. In Chiang Mai, Thailand. Check her out on Facebook 🙂




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