Adventures: Cambodian Arts & Culture

Since the Rotary Peace Fellowship finished at the end of last month, I’ve been traveling in Cambodia with my brother.


We saw the breathtaking temples at and around Angkor Wat – our favorite we agreed was the Bayon Templewhich has over two hundred carved faces in the over 50 spires of the temple. Really an impossible seeming feat of artistic talent.

The Angkor National Museum had an great exhibit on local artists doing batik. Makes me want to try batik again when I get home. Last time I did it was in high school, and it’s such a neat technique! I will write a whole post on this later.


In Phnom Penh, the capital, the city is a little more rough and rugged than Siem Reap, next to Angkor Wat.

We did however find a nice handicraft store that does good work for the community. I was a lot happier to buy from here rather than questionable tourist junk made in China.


For most of the Cambodia trip I’ve been feeling in a weird funk – probably because of big transitions upcoming in my life. Today I bought a little tiny hand-made notebook with beautiful crisp blank pages and I almost amazed myself at how inviting and exciting the blank pages are for me.


After starting to write, I realized that I had been experiencing a strange itching and nagging the past week, and it was that I needed to create something. It seems like the world can put so much on you, so many expectations, so much information, so many complex feelings and experiences, that for me it is important to make a place for all of that to go. I end up getting lost or in a funk if I don’t give space out side myself for it to live. Important lesson for me to learn – even far away from home, on the other side of the world, creating is an important – no – essential way for me to process the wild, chaotic world around me. Blank paper and a pen is my small piece of peace.



2 responses to “Adventures: Cambodian Arts & Culture

    • Thanks mytiturk! angkor wat was out of this world. The carvings, and the massiveness of it all, and the whole area beyond the angkor wat itself – like the other temples and buildings. Will post more photos, hope you get to see it soon!

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