Cambodia: Ancient Stone Carvings

As I mentioned in a previous post, after finishing up my Rotary Peace Fellowship in Bangkok, Thailand, my brother and I visited the Angkor temples and Angkor Wat.

The whole experience is hard to put into words. My favorite was Bayon Temple in the middle of the Angkor Thom complex. There are four main gates to the Angkor Thom, and the door to the gate is below a huge head carving – you can see my brother biking up toward it in one of the photos. Just stunning.

With stone carving, especially ancient ones, my favorite part is the texture. The natural texture of the stones, and colors, but also the texture from the tools that carved out the shapes, and then the moss and lichen that layer on top.

The mix of Buddhism and the different forms of Hinduism among the temples are really interesting.

I think about the artists many years ago who painstakingly created these masterpieces.








2 responses to “Cambodia: Ancient Stone Carvings

  1. I was a little distracted from intensive heat and being dehydrated and exhausted. But yes, walking through the temples was like entering another world, like from books and stories I only ever imagined. It was surreal!

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