Sunrise at Home on Mill Creek


Drinking in the moment
The hum and rumble of the interstate in the distance
Tranquility of the morning
Moments after sunrise…

A mallard duck couple leave their wake; a fish chomps and jumps, rippling the still water.
The gulls squawk and sing, dancing among the pink and golden clouds.
The blue heron calls out as it elegantly rises from the far shore and glides through the cool autumn air.
The crickets whisper in the freshly cut grass, sparkling with cool morning dew.

The breeze rustles in the trees and I am brought back to a moment in childhood gazing up at the pungent green poplar leaves glowing golden against the blue morning sky.
How I drink it in! Through every cell in my body, sucking in the peace and clarity of the morning – so alive!

The halyards don’t dare to clank
among these early morning wildlife sounds. They don’t dare interrupt Mother Nature painting her picture.

I think of how these contrast sunrise smells, sights, and sounds of Bangkok: smog, traffic, construction, motorbike horns, the smell of open sewers. I don’t even allow the rest of it to enter my mind….

I allow myself to fall back into the moments of the morning’s sunrise. My god is it good to be home!


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