Maryland Autumn Harvest

A trip to the local farmers’ market is always a spiritual experience for me.
It is such a powerful community event because it brings together people who appreciate good, healthy food and people who cultivate the earth to bring us this food. I admire the farmers, some of them continuing on the family business, all of them committed to a profession that is difficult and financially risky, but the backbone of our country.

The people who shop at farmers’ markets are in someway there to support their neighbors, choose healthier food, better tasting food, and/or support more sustainable, natural agriculture.

I love going to the farmers’ market and seeing the same people, and talking to them about their children in the army who just came back from Afghanistan, or the same old man with the best radishes, now joined by his granddaughter. I think of my grand father and the men who worked out in the elements their whole life, with rough hands and skin, and a light of wisdom in their eye that can only be from spending a lifetime outdoors, dancing with the rhythm of the earth as the seasons change and the years pass. The men and women that have brought us oysters, crabs, fish, radishes, sweet potatoes, corn and okra…..

I love going to the farmers’ market and experiencing the changing of seasons, the passing of time, as the harvest changes. Mid-September is my favorite time because we get the tail end of summer’s tomatoes, peppers, green & yellow squash, and green beans, but you also get the beginning of autumn’s butternut & acorn squash, pumpkin and corn.

What a place to go and enjoy the fruit of the earth, and give thanks for her love in providing it for us, and commune with each other over the bounty…..



3 responses to “Maryland Autumn Harvest

  1. Such a lovely story about the celebration of what community means, Emma – healthy food, caring relationships, and a public space dedicated to bringing people together to share their gifts and stories…

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