"Suspended Together" installation by Saudi Arabian artist Manal Al Dowayan. Photo by Christopher Jobson, from

“Suspended Together” installation by Saudi Arabian artist Manal Al Dowayan. Photo by Christopher Jobson, from

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ART.PEACE.CONFLICT – humans “suspended together” on our planet, home.

Everywhere I look, I see connectors to building peace, and dividers further entrenching conflict.

Oh, humans.

There was a man in the coffee shop, angry on his phone, not engaging with the barista trying to take his order, ignoring her, other than for her to serve him.

He was cursing into his phone about a late delivery of construction supplies (in Spanish accented English). Loud enough the other barista had to ask him to keep it down. Another customer loudly mocked “ay caramba.”

The layers of complexities of conflict and human interaction.

I see scenes like this and I can’t but help believe the realist part of me that says humans have a natural propensity toward conflict and violence, but the peace person also inside of me, scrounging for hope and meaning, questions that view.

Then I sit here drinking my coffee reading a book about the Bosnian genocide, wondering if peace in this world is even a remote possibility.

Then I think about the fact that if I don’t ultimately believe in that remote possibility, what is the point of even being here…and I think about Manal Al Dowayan’s peace doves and remind myself that I’m not fighting alone, the power of art.


2 responses to “Art.Peace.Conflict.

  1. clearly the man on the phone was being rude – but I was also frustrated by the “ay caramba” comment and it’s racial tones – how that was only going to escalate the situation. It was crappy how he treated the barista, and how he was affecting the rest of the shop with his cursing phone call, but I also could see he was having a crappy start to the day and the complexities of the layers of conflict/privilege/class/race – with the person he was talking to on the phone, the barista, the other customer, and society in general. uggggg

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