Floral Ceramic Sgraffitto Pendants for Sale!

EmaBee has ventured back on the Etsy scene with a collection of Floral Ceramic (Sgraffitto) Carved pendants – you may have seen me working on them last spring. These are just a few of my favorites. To see these and others, visit my shop here.

Floral Sgraffito Ceramic Pendant – Indigo
Floral Sgraffito Ceramic Pendant – Indigo Fern Leaf
Stamped Ceramic Pendant – Yellow Sunflower Drop

In the dark depths of last winter this floral sgraffito design came to me and signaled the hope of spring. The design of this pendant are sure to bring cheerful color to any wardrobe decision.

These pendants started as a lump of grey clay on my work table, I did all of the forming, designing, carving, painting, glazing, and finishing to bring you a 100% unique, one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry.

Sgraffito is a special technique when you carve away negative space in the clay to create a design. I used this technique with several layers of undercoat colors to create the flower design.

You can see these, and others at my Etsy shop, here.


Putting your self (artwork, writings, photograph…) online can be a wonderful way to share and connect, but it can also painfully remind you how you are just one tiny little crumb in a sea of billions of others – Etsy especially makes me feel that way. I figured it’s worth it putting up a few things to see if they sell, and if they don’t no worries, then I would just already know what everyone is getting for Christmas 🙂 Whether or not people decide to buy my art after seeing a picture of it online, it’s not a reflection of how I should value my own art. Important reminder to myself.


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